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Proud to finally reveal news on the upcoming Ursula 1000 single FIORUCCI!

Coming out in July and featuring some juicy remixes from Aimes and Moustache Machine, the iconic Italian 80s new wave fashion line Fiorucci is highly praised in this Italo Disco homage featuring the cold wave breathless vocals of Dalila Pasotti.

This fusion of that sleazy nightlife of then mixed with a very Electro house pulse of now captures this timeless designer’s aesthetic.

This single is a taster for the upcoming album GALLERIA!

For his seventh album, Ursula takes you on another eclectic time warp where Nu-Disco, Synthwave and Boogie Funk pulsate alongside to the sounds of Jazzy Hip Hop, Latin breaks and French Touch house in a multi-colored blend as only Ursula 1000 can deliver!

If you’re in New York this Spring, Saturday July 1st sees Ursula 1000 manning the decks at Brooklyn fun spot The Safari Room for a release party for Fiorucci. Come by and get down!

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